Washington Social Casino Guide!

Washington Gambling Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Online gambling has gained significant popularity worldwide, but Washington lags behind other major cities in embracing this trend. The reluctance stems from the fact that online gambling is yet to receive full acceptance from the Washington Council. While internet gaming was initially approved by council members in 2011, public opposition and concerns about bias and lack of proper vetting led to a reversal of the decision. 

For a comprehensive overview of the gambling landscape in Washington, DC, this guide will delve into various aspects of online real money and sweepstakes casinos. It will cover multiple topics, including the available gaming products, relevant laws, and their roles within the industry. This guide aims to provide a thorough understanding of the gambling scene in Washington, DC.

The Current Gambling Landscape in Washington 

The current situation in Washington entails restrictions on gambling, limiting access to only a few gambling activities within the district. Unfortunately, these restrictions prevent residents from engaging in the opportunities offered by the online gambling industry.
Nevertheless, the gambling landscape in the area is evolving as sports betting has been introduced, sparking hope among bettors in the state.  

The legalization of sports betting in Washington came as a surprise, with Governor Inslee invoking an emergency clause on sports betting bill HB 2638. The new legislation permits sports betting on reservation lands of federally recognized Native American tribes within the state. 

While technically available in both retail and online formats, most sports betting activity in Washington is currently taking place in person at physical locations on tribe lands. Snoqualmie Casino is the state's sole location with its own on-site mobile sports betting app, making it a unique offering. 

Looking ahead to the next legislative session, indications from various Washington state lawmakers suggest their intention to broaden sports betting to encompass non-tribal casinos. This hints at potential future expansions in sports betting within the state.

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Governing Laws of Online Gambling in Washington 

Washington State has implemented strict laws and regulations regarding online gambling activities. The regulating organization supervising and upholding these laws is the Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC)

Online gambling is expressly prohibited within the state's borders per the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), especially Title 9.46. This includes making bets, playing at internet casinos, and playing online poker.

These regulations seek to safeguard customers, uphold the integrity of legitimate gambling businesses, and reduce any potential risks related to internet gambling.

As a result, locating regulated online casinos that offer progressive jackpots, live casinos, and real-money prizes is challenging in this jurisdiction.

According to the prevailing regulations, offering platforms for gamblers to place bets and engage in real-money games is considered a Class C felony. 

Furthermore, in a US court, social casino games have been deemed to fall under the "unlawful gambling" category based on existing state laws. Consequently, any social casino that permits buying free-play chips for gambling purposes could violate Washington law.

As a result, Washington is often listed in the "restricted states" section of various top social casinos due to these legal considerations.

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Sweepstakes in Washington

Sweepstakes have gained popularity among businesses as an online gambling activity, often promoted as a legal alternative to raffles permitted under Washington's Gambling Act.

However, it's important to note that sweepstakes involve a combination of elements from two legal gambling activities, resulting in a third type of contest that lacks authorization in Washington. It's crucial to understand that engaging in any gambling activity is only considered legal if explicitly authorized by law.

So, online sweepstakes casinos are illegal in Washington State. The state has specific rules and regulations for two authorized activities that involve drawing individually numbered tickets for the opportunity to win prizes: raffles and promotional contests of chance. Each type of game has its own distinct set of rules.

Raffles are authorized for bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations, allowing them to sell tickets at a designated price, enabling participants to have a chance to win prizes. However, these organizations are not permitted to distribute free tickets.

On the other hand, promotional contests of chance are authorized for for-profit businesses. These businesses can provide participants with free tickets, allowing them to win prizes. It's important to note that promotional contests of chance must solely serve as a means of promoting the business, and no consideration or fees can be charged for the tickets.

A "sweepstakes" typically combines elements from raffles and promotional contests of chance. However, unless a gambling activity fully adheres to the specific rules and requirements set forth by Washington State, it is not considered legal. 

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Specific Sweepstakes & Contest Laws

In Washington, prize promotions are categorized into contests and sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes are promotional events based on luck, where winners are chosen randomly. On the other hand, contests are skill-based promotions where winners are selected based on their merit.

When conducting a contest or sweepstakes in Washington or any US state, it is important to be familiar with the "no purchase necessary laws." These laws specify that participants are not required to purchase or provide any form of consideration to enter sweepstakes where winners are randomly chosen. However, it is generally allowed to offer purchase incentives in a contest where winners are selected based on their skills or abilities. 

By definition, sweepstakes award prizes or select winners based on luck or chance (like a lottery or gambling), and require some form of payment, which contradicts the "no purchase necessary laws" and makes it illegal in the state. While contests require showcasing and putting your skills to work to earn prizes without any form of payment.

Can Any Person or Group Organize a Sweepstakes Raffle Online in Washington?

The answer to that question is straightforward: No. In Washington, the sale and/or purchase of raffle tickets online involves transmitting gambling information over the Internet, which is prohibited. For more details about online gambling, refer to the FAQ section provided by the Gambling Commission.

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Online gambling, including online casinos, faces restrictions in Washington States. Online casinos are not licensed to operate in the area, and engaging with offshore operators raises concerns. However, there are several 'tribal' physical casinos in the state/district situated in Indian reservations.

Overall, the legality of online gambling in Washington remains uncertain, and players are encouraged to await future regulations. It's essential to stay informed and comply with the existing laws to ensure a responsible and legal gambling experience.