Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play

Get ready for the sweet game that started a candy revolution. Played on a 7x7 grid, this slot is a treat.

Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play Candies Multipliers Scatter Pays Free Spins High Volatility Feature Buy
Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Pragmatic Play


There are many themes for slot games, but none are quite as cute as this one from Pragmatic Play. Filled with sweet candies, multipliers and cascading wins Sugar Rush is a game that you can’t ignore.


Experience a scatter pays slots game packed with up to 5,000X your wager in prizes. Bright and colorful this is a thrilling place to play. Find out why everyone is playing this stunning game in their favorite social casino. 

How to Play Sugar Rush

Colorful and bright, this social casino game fills the screen with delight. Take a spin and enjoy your slot filling up with multipliers and cascading wins.



As the name suggests, this is a game filled with sugary treats, from gummy bears to candied hearts. These brightly designed symbols give a sparkle to the game, and the candy-filled rocket is your ticket to free spins.



This slot does not feature a regular paytable, as you can get up to 15 matching symbols on the 7X7 grid. This gives you a lot of options for winning. As long as there are at least 5 of the same icon in a group across the lines, you win. When they pop more candies drop, if these match and you win it keeps on going.

Symbol Times Win
Pink Candy Ball Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 150
14 70
13 35
12 15
11 7.5
10 2.5
9 2
8 1.75
7 1.5
6 1
Symbol Times Win
Orange Heart Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 100
14 60
13 30
12 12.5
11 6
10 4
9 1.5
8 1.25
7 1
6 0.75
Symbol Times Win
Purple Bean Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 60
14 40
13 20
12 10
11 4.5
10 3
9 1.5
8 1.25
7 1
6 0.75
Symbol Times Win
Green Star Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 40
14 20
13 10
12 5
11 3
10 2
9 1.25
8 1
7 0.75
6 0.5
Symbol Times Win
Red Gummy Bear Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 30
14 15
13 8
12 3.5
11 2.5
10 1
9 0.75
8 0.5
7 0.4
6 0.3
Symbol Times Win
Purple Gummy Bear Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 25
14 12
13 6
12 3
11 2
10 1.25
9 0.75
8 0.5
7 0.4
6 0.3
Symbol Times Win
Orange Gummy Bear Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 15 20
14 10
13 5
12 2
11 1.5
10 1
9 0.5
8 0.4
7 0.3
6 0.25
Symbol Times Win
Scatter Symbol in Sugar Rush Slot 3 10
4 12
5 15
6 20
7 30

Gameplay & Betting

Making bets is easy, simply set your wager with the + or – button and hit spin. You can watch the action in real time, speed it up or set up an autoplay. This gives you the chance to relax and play with your budget.

Every time there’s a match, the symbols pop and drop to fill the gap. If there is another match it happens again and will keep going until there is no match. This means that one spin could result in massive prizes. Not to mention you could do this on the Free Spins too.

Stats Details

Title Sugar Rush
Provider Pragmatic Play
Game Type Slots
Reels 7
Rows 7
Paylines Scatter Pays
RTP 96.5
Max Win 5000X
Volatility Very High
Min Bet 0.20
Max Bet 100
Release Date June 2022
Theme Candies
Feature Buy Available? Yes

What Makes Sugar Rush so Engaging?


Whether you play a social casino slot or a sweepstakes slot, there are a lot of ways for you to win. Packed with fun features and a beautiful design this is a stunning game. Pragmatic Play pulled out all the stops, and it shows in both the quality and gameplay.

Free Spins


Hitting 3 or more of the Candy Rocket Symbol will grant you free spins. These will cascade the same way as normal, and you can win more free spins as you play. This is a great way to win big. Getting 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatters will result in 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins.

Cascading Wins


Every time you get a match, those candies will pop and more will fall. If you then get another match, more candies drop. One spin can result in multiple wins, and the bigger the match the more candies drop.

Match Multipliers


Every time you get a match in the same place, that space will get a random multiplier, which ranges from 2X all the way up to 128X. The more matches you get on these squares, the bigger the multiplier. This is especially true in Free Spins, where the matches are sticky!

Feature Buy


If you want to make sure you hit those free spins, you can buy them. By wagering 100X your bet, you are guaranteed a set of free spins. Just be aware that you might not get back your 100X, but you might end up with a big win on this volatile slot.


Our Thoughts on the Sugar Rush Slot Game


This is a really nice slot to play, Sugar Rush is filled with great features. The different ways to win can really add up, and the theme is both fun and well-executed. No matter which free social casino you play on, you’re in for a great time. We absolutely love this casual slot, and you will too.

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