Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play

Everybody loves a bit of sugar, and this fruit filled game is packed with goodies. This cascading slot delivers a candy treat just for you.

Pragmatic Play Candies Cluster Pays Tumbling Wins Free Spins Medium Volatility Feature Buy
Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza

Pragmatic Play


Filled with 21,100X max win this is a medium volatility game with a big hit prize. Sweet Bonanza brought to you by Pragmatic Play is a sugary feast. Played out in a 6 by 5 symbol grid, with no paylines and cascading wins it’s a fun place to be.


If you have a sweet tooth this is the game for you. The design is all about desserts, ice cream and of course the candy themed symbols. A treat for the eyes and easy to play this is a social slots game you should sink your teeth into.

How to play Sweet Bonanza

Hitting the slot is really simple, set your wager and spin. Watch the fruits pop off the screen and if you get a lollipop enjoy the free spins.



Keeping with the theme, each of the symbols is a fruit or a candy. With the Heart being your top prize. To win, simply match 8 or more symbols anywhere on the 6 by 5 grid. The more symbols you match, the higher your prize, and there are cascading wins. The winning symbols disappear, to be replaced by more from the top, if you win again, it keeps on cascading. This can lead to huge wins or free spins.



With no true paylines and cascades this is a slot with up to 21,100X max win. The real prizes land during Free Spins when you get the multipliers drop on a win. This can take your total wins up as they stack on each cascade. This gives you a shot at constantly dropping wins as you enjoy a free slots game. If you match the scatter, not only do you win up to a 100X your wager, but you’ll get a set of free spins to boot.


Symbol Times Win
Heart Candy Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 50
10-11 25
8-9 10
Symbol Times Win
Purple Candy Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 25
10-11 10
8-9 2.5
Symbol Times Win
Green Candy Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 15
10-11 5
8-9 2
Symbol Times Win
Blue Candy Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 12
10-11 2
8-9 1.5
Symbol Times Win
Red Apple Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 10
10-11 1.5
8-9 1
Symbol Times Win
Peach Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 8
10-11 1.2
8-9 0.8
Symbol Times Win
Watermelon Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 5
10-11 1
8-9 0.5
Symbol Times Win
Grapes Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 4
10-11 0.9
8-9 0.4
Symbol Times Win
Banana Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 12+ 2
10-11 0.75
8-9 0.25
Symbol Times Win
Scatter Symbol in Sweet Bonanza 6 100
5 5
4 3

Gameplay & Betting

Once you place your bet, you’re ready to play. You can adjust with the + and – or you can set your bet in the box up to the max of 125. You can hit the autoplay to set a number of spins or wager amount. When you spin, if you win you’ll get a prize based on the wager. If you wager 50 and get a 2x prize you win 100.

There’s also the option to Ante Up and increase your wager, this will give you a higher chance of landing Free Spins. It costs you 20% more of your wager per spin, but there’s an increased number of scatter symbols on the board too. This will give you a higher chance to get free spins. Alternatively, you can choose to put down a 100X wager and guarantee a free spins session.

Stats Details

Title Sweet Bonanza
Provider Pragmatic Play
Game Type Slots
Reels 6
Rows 5
Paylines Anyways Wins
RTP 96.5%
Max Win 21100X
Volatility Medium
Min Bet 0.20
Max Bet 125
Release Date June 2019
Theme Canndies
Feature Buy Available? Yes

What Makes Sweet Bonanza so Engaging?

Candies are a popular type of sweepstakes casino slot, and Pragmatic Play but their own twist into this much-love theme. It’s a sugary game with tasty treats all over the screen. Cascading wins is a fun gameplay, and matching anywhere on the grid keeps it flowing. With its fun features, and high max win this game is hugely popular, and you can see why. Blending a popular theme with some of the top performing slots was a power move by Pragmatic play. Much loved this is a fab game for you to enjoy.

Cascading Wins


When you match 8 or more symbols, they pop off the screen. More will then tumble from the top and if you match again, you get even more. This can also drop scatters giving you free spins. If you get 2 sets of matches it leaves a lot of room for a longer set of wins.

Free Spins Multipliers


If a color bomb drops during your free spins, it will multiply any win on that spin. You can get anything from 2X up to 50X the prize. You can get more than one on any spin, and if you get a cascade and these, it can be a mega win.

Feature buy and Ante Up.


For 100X your wager, you get a 100% chance for Free Spins. Or you could hit the Ante feature and double the chance of free spins. This adds 25% of your wager to the spin but gives you extra chances to free spin.


Why You Should Play Sweet Bonanza

This is a really fun game with a cute and catchy design. The popular match system blended with huge final multipliers on free spins is exciting. While you might not get the mega wins, this medium volatility slot keeps going nicely. Packed with sugary goodness, it’s a casual slot to treat yourself to. Blending a popular theme with some of the top-performing slots was a power move by Pragmatic Play. Much loved this is a fab game for you to enjoy.

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