Michigan Social Casino Guide!

Michigan Gambling Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Unlike several other states in the United States, Michigan saw a substantial change in its gambling environment in 2021 when it legalized internet casinos, sports betting, and poker. This progressive movement in Michigan's gambling rules enabled the establishment of numerous legal gambling applications, offering bettors a variety of possibilities. 

Michigan has taken significant strides through a series of state bills to establish a robust framework for legalized sports betting, online gambling, daily fantasy sports, and other exciting avenues in gambling. Offering its residents an extensive array of gambling opportunities within its borders.

Fortunately for new and professional casino gaming enthusiasts in Michigan, you still play sweepstakes if you do not have money to wager on real-time games or practice new strategies before betting real money. But we'll get to that soon; let's first explore the legal background of online casinos in Michigan. 

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The Advent of Online Casinos in Michigan

On December 20, 2019, Governor Whitmer signed the Lawful Internet Gaming Act, marking a pivotal moment in Michigan's gambling landscape. This Act grants the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) the authority to issue licenses to operators in the realm of internet gaming. 

The scope of authorized games includes poker, blackjack, slots, card games, and various other engaging options. However, it does not extend to encompass pick number games or any other forms of lotteries.

The Lawful Internet Gaming Act also introduced a progressive tax system based on adjusted gross receipts derived from online gambling revenue. This graduated tax structure commences at 20% for revenues up to $4 million and progressively increases to 28% for revenues surpassing $12 million. Moreover, the Act empowers the offering of numerous casino-style games.

Michigan's progressive approach to online gambling has laid the groundwork for a future where residents can experience the thrill of virtual casinos. The enactment of the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and its associated regulations showcase Michigan's commitment to creating a safe and regulated online gaming environment for its citizens. 

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Official Launch of Online Casino Websites in Michigan

In January 2021, Michigan witnessed the long-awaited introduction of online sports betting. This milestone occurred about a year after the state legislature officially legalized online gambling and sports betting.

Throughout 2020, the Michigan Gaming Control Board diligently formulated and finalized the necessary regulations, setting the stage for the eventual launch.

On January 22, 2021, the market unveiled ten different sports betting applications and eight online casino apps. This grand entrance significantly impacted online gambling revenue, leading to an unprecedented surge.

Notably, Michigan's sports betting apps alone amassed a remarkable $115.1 million in January 2021, securing an impressive second place just behind Tennessee's record-breaking launch-month earnings of $131.4 million.

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Essential Components of Leading Sweepstakes Casinos in Michigan

When considering the top sweepstakes casinos, it's essential to understand the nature of these online gaming platforms. Here's a brief overview of what to seek in any sweepstakes or social casino:

Absence of actual wagering

Sweepstakes casinos do not facilitate real money gambling. While conventional online casinos allow you to wager with real currency, this option is unavailable on the platforms mentioned here. Instead, sweepstakes casinos exclusively offer gameplay with various forms of virtual currency, such as Gold Coins, Sweepstakes Coins, Sweeps Coins, and similar equivalents.

Extensive selection of sweepstakes casino games

Playing at sweepstakes and social casinos should not limit your game choices. These platforms should provide a comprehensive array of slot games alongside table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Moreover, many of these sites now feature live dealer games, scratchcards, bingo, video poker, and more.

Opportunity to redeem prizes for participating in sweepstakes games

It's crucial to differentiate between social casinos and sweepstakes casinos. Social casinos offer purely recreational gameplay with no chance of winning prizes. In contrast, sweepstakes casinos allow you to engage in promotional sweepstakes, offering the possibility of redeeming prizes. While sweepstakes casinos function differently from real money online casinos, they still provide incentives for your gameplay.

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Access to online sweepstakes casino games throughout Michigan

Expanding on the previous point, the absence of real money gambling in sweepstakes casinos usually enables players from most U.S. states to partake in these platforms. Consequently, if you're unable to play at traditional online casinos within your state, you can enjoy the offerings of one of the below-listed sweepstakes casinos instead.
Casino Bonuses For Our Favorite Sweep Slots

Welcome Offer

Upon joining a sweep slot online casino, you'll be eligible for a special bonus known as the "welcome" offer. This bonus serves as a gesture of appreciation for becoming a member. It grants you a combination of Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, allowing you to enjoy games for fun or aim for prizes.

Daily Login Reward

Almost every sweep slots casino provides a simple way to earn free coins through a daily login bonus. By logging into your account once every 24 hours, you unlock a reward that awaits you, offering you a chance to claim additional coins.

Mail Request

An alternative method to acquire free Sweepstakes Coins involves sending a postcard to the sweep slots casino's registered head office or headquarters. Request free coins, and upon receipt and processing of your postcard, a predetermined amount of Sweepstakes Coins will be credited to your account balance.


While not all sweepstakes casinos offer contests like slot battles, many highly-rated brands do. Engage in daily or weekly slot machine contests where you compete against fellow players for a place on the leaderboard. The more you participate, the higher your ranking, although the specific rules may vary. Prizes are awarded to the top performers in the form of a coin drop, which boosts your balance.

Final words

Michigan is a progressive gambling state that allows most forms of gaming and wagering. Tribal and commercial casinos, parimutuel betting, online lottery games, land-based and mobile sports betting, and internet casino gaming and poker are all available.

When Michigan enacted the Lawful Internet Gaming Act in December 2019, it became the fifth US state to legalize and regulate online gaming. The state legislature had passed the Lawful Sports Betting Act two months prior. Nowadays, residents of the state can play online sweepstakes casinos, with no real-money gambling, which allows them to enjoy all the thrills of traditional casino games, without the financial risks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Online Casinos and Gambling Laws

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Online Casinos and Gambling Laws

Is online gambling permissible in Michigan?

Indeed, Michigan legalized online gambling in 2019 by enacting the Lawful Internet Gaming Act.

Can you partake in online slots in Michigan?

Absolutely. Michigan's online casinos feature a wide selection of classic slots and progressive jackpot games.

How many land-based casinos are there in Michigan?

Michigan currently boasts 25 land-based casinos.