Self exclusion request will go into affect within 8 hours. Our team will receive your request, review it and ban your account. The exclusion will results in removal and terminal of access to You will not be able to log in or access our games. If you try to log in, access will be denied.

We take measures to honor your self exclusion request.

  • How long will my self exclusion last?

    Self exclusion will last a minimum of 12 months.

  • I submit a request for self exclusion, when will take go into effect?

    No later than 8 hours. We manually review all requests to validate the request came from its rightful owner. Once we authenticate the self exclusion request, we will exclude the account.

  • Can I change my mind about self exclusion after I made a request?

    Self exclusion lasts a minimum of 1 year (12 months). The request can not be reversed or appealed.

    You may only reactivate your account after 1 year, at which point you will regain complete access to our games and your balance.

Please Fill this Form to Self Exclude Your Account