Mississippi Social Casino Guide!

Mississippi Gambling Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Mississippi presents a diverse array of betting options to enthusiasts; however, the availability of online casinos remains limited. With 29 casinos within its borders, the Magnolia State is a prominent destination for gambling.

It holds the distinction of being the fourth state in the U.S. to legalize single-game sports betting. Nevertheless, online and mobile wagering has yet to gain traction due to the hesitance of state lawmakers.

With online casino gambling prohibited, bettors have an alternative option to enjoy their gaming experiences through social casinos.

These platforms provide a wide range of online games for amusement or prizes, with no actual monetary transactions involved.

This article delves into the state's legal landscape of online gambling and sheds light on the operations of social and sweepstakes casinos within Mississippi. 

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Gambling Legalization Landscape in Mississippi

Compared to its neighboring states, Mississippi has relatively permissive gambling laws, although it prohibits online casino gaming. The presence of brick-and-mortar casinos in the state was made feasible by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 and the Mississippi Gaming Control Act of 1990. These legislative acts have significantly influenced the development of the casino industry in Mississippi.

In 2018, Mississippi legalized sports betting, establishing 28 land-based casinos offering sportsbooks within the state. Although online sports wagering is permitted, bettors must be within licensed casino premises to place their bets. The legal casino gaming age in Magnolia State is set at 21.

Conversely, online casino gaming is strictly prohibited in Mississippi under Code Ann. §75-76-33. This law deems any form of unregulated casino gaming illegal unless explicitly specified otherwise.

However, social casino gaming remains legal in the state, allowing residents to enjoy gambling-like experiences without involving real money transactions.

In Mississippi, casino gaming activities are regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission. The commission is responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws outlined in the Charitable Gaming Laws and the Gaming Control Act.

In addition to the state's regulatory authority, local tribes also exercise regulatory control over their respective casinos and any associated sports platforms. 

This dual regulatory framework ensures that gambling operations within the state adhere to the established legal requirements and maintain fair and responsible practices.

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Legalizing Online Casinos in Mississippi

Since lawmakers haven't recently introduced any bills addressing online gaming, Mississippi's chances of establishing legal online casinos are now slim. The House Gaming Committee established the Internet Gaming Taskforce in 2014 to conduct research on the topic. 

The task force decided that, due to Mississippi's predominately rural nature and technical constraints, online gambling would not be viable there. As a result, politicians have few choices for furthering the authorization of online casinos in the state due to the dearth of legislative measures and the noted difficulties.

Consequently, this perspective will likely persist and hinder any near-future discussions concerning the legalization of online casinos.

Nevertheless, there is an increasing presence of national online social casinos, such as DingDingDing and Chumba, which can be accessed and played through their dedicated websites or social media apps.

Social and Sweepstakes Casinos in Mississippi

In the absence of any legal real money online casinos in Mississippi, players have no option but to rely exclusively on social casinos.

These social and sweepstakes casinos offer diverse games that do not involve real money wagers. Instead, players use virtual currency, commonly referred to as Gold Coins, which have no real-world value, with the winnings and bets entirely virtual.

However, there is an interesting aspect to online sweepstakes casinos in Mississippi, where they provide special Sweeps Coins.

Different from Gold Coins, these are harder to obtain and have real-world value; reputable operators of these free online casinos offer various ways for players to earn Sweeps Coins, adding an element of excitement and potential rewards to the gaming experience.

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Working Principle

The working principle closely resembles those of a typical online casino. Players who sign up for a Sweepstakes casino are given an initial allocation of Gold Coins.

These coins are used to place virtual bets on various casino games. Players can earn additional Gold Coins through successful bonuses, wagers, or winning tournaments. 

It is also possible to acquire coins by purchasing them from the platform's shop. However, it's important to note that even if you buy virtual currency, you cannot obtain real cash winnings when engaging in casino games.

Available Games to Play in Mississippi Social and Sweepstakes Casinos

Mississippi residents can engage in games similar to real money casinos via legitimate Social casinos. Although the options for table gaming are somewhat limited, players can anticipate a diverse array of game types, including:

1. Lottery Games: Online sweepstakes casinos in Mississippi offer captivating bingo and keno games. Players receive rewards for matching winning numbers drawn by the computer.

2. Blackjack: Mississippi's online social casinos feature the popular blackjack table game. Players strive to outdo the dealer's hand, and these games incorporate Random Number Generators to ensure fair play. However, the number of blackjack games available is comparatively smaller than slots.

3. Live Casino Games: While most operators do not offer live casino games, a few, such as Betriver.net, provide an authentic experience with live dealers. These live casino games encompass blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

4. Slots: The primary focus of social gaming platforms in Mississippi revolves around slot games, providing players with over 25 slots per operator, akin to real money online casinos. The key distinction lies in the utilization of virtual currency for betting purposes.

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Bonuses Available 

Mississippi's online sweepstakes casinos present captivating bonuses that can elevate the gaming experience and potentially lead to lucrative rewards. These promotions are offered in various forms:

1. Free Spins: This bonus gifts players a set number of free spins on selected slot games. Winnings from these free spins can be in the form of Sweeps or Gold coins. 

2. No-Purchase Bonus: These bonuses are authentic giveaways and do not require any purchase. Players can claim these rewards simply by logging in, playing specific games, or completing designated tasks. These bonuses often add a touch of gamification to the overall experience.

3. Purchase Bonus: Similar to deposit bonuses in traditional online casinos, the purchase bonus is a prevalent offer. Players receive bonus Sweeps Coins when they buy Gold Coins, giving them added value for their purchase.


Mississippi offers diverse gambling options, but online casino gaming remains prohibited. With many land-based casinos and the legalization of single-game sports betting, Mississippi holds a prominent position in the gambling industry.

However, the prospects of legalizing online casinos in the state are limited due to legislative hesitance and technical challenges. 

Residents can enjoy social and sweepstakes casinos without real money online casinos that provide virtual currency gaming experiences. These platforms offer various games and enticing bonuses, enhancing the overall gaming experience for Mississippi players.