Vermont Social Casino Guide!

Vermont Gambling Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Vermont stands out as one of the smallest and least populous states in America, with three-quarters of its land covered in dense forests. The state is renowned as the global hub for maple syrup production. But when it comes to gambling, Vermony is still far behind. In fact, there are no brick-and-mortar casinos in Vermont. 

Regardless, individuals can experience the excitement of casino-style gaming online through social casinos like DingDingDing. These platforms offer a legal and engaging way to enjoy online casino games in the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about how to participate in social casinos.

Online Casinos and Gambling in Vermont 

Vermont may not have a gambling tradition, but there is a glimmer of hope for bettors. Early 2020 saw a sports gambling bill enacted to permit online/mobile sports wagering in the state. A few months later, state lawmakers formed a committee to analyze the potential tax, revenue, and regulatory aspects of sports betting. 

Vermont has neither commercial nor tribal casinos, so the state is not considering legalizing online casino gaming. The more plausible option for regulation is online sports betting.

Consequently, it's unlikely that Vermont will regulate online casino gaming, making it challenging to find online casino promotions in the state.

Residents of Vermont are strongly advised against gambling online for real money through offshore sportsbooks and casino websites. These sites operate outside regulatory supervision, lack consumer protections, and should be avoided to ensure your safety and security.

Vermont residents seeking a legal option to enjoy online casino games can explore social casinos like DingDingDing. These platforms are accessible through their respective websites or apps. They offer a variety of popular table and slot games for entertainment purposes without involving real money transactions. However, players can win prizes through sweepstakes-style games.

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Vermont Sweepstakes Casinos: Working Principle 

Sweepstakes casinos function by providing virtual "sweeps or gold coins" as incentives to players. Players can use these valuable in-game coins to play various online casino games, including table games and slots, with opportunities to earn more during gameplay.

Players can often exchange their accumulated sweeps coins for attractive rewards. Sweepstakes casinos prioritize an immersive and free gaming experience while offering the option to purchase in-game currency.

Vermont Sweepstakes Virtual Currencies

Sweepstakes casinos typically employ two types of virtual assets that allow players to engage in online casino-style games without incurring costs:

● Gold Coins: The primary virtual currency used in online sweepstakes casinos is Gold Coins (GC). These tokens hold no tangible value in the real world and cannot be exchanged for prizes. You can freely utilize your GC on any available games on platforms like DingDingDing, exploring the offerings without any associated risk. Players can earn Gold Coins through diverse bonuses, various gameplays, or purchased using real money from the store.

● Sweeps Coins: The alternative virtual currency utilized within sweepstakes casinos is Sweeps Coins (SC). These coins are specifically designed for participation in online gaming competitions. Players can convert accumulated Sweeps Coins into reward prizes once they meet the minimum withdrawal requirements. Players win Sweeps Coins through various bonuses or gameplays. However, direct purchases of Sweeps Coins are not possible.

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Popular Games to Play on Sweepstakes Casinos in Vermont


Poker is a non-banked card game where players compete against each other instead of the house. Each player is dealt a hand and must strategically place bets and convince others that their hand is the strongest. There are different types of poker with slight rule variations and unique gameplay approaches.


In bingo, players are given a grid with random numbers. A bingo host selects numbers randomly, and if a player has a matching number on their grid, they can mark it off. The first participant to mark off all the numbers and achieve a "bingo" wins. Online bingo follows a similar format, with random numbers generated by the computer instead of a physical bingo host.


Slots are popular among players due to their wide variety of themes and captivating gameplay. These games typically feature simple rules and a common objective: aligning matching symbols along one or more paylines to form winning combinations. 

Video Poker

Video poker combines elements of poker and slots to provide a distinctive gaming experience. While it incorporates aspects of slot gaming, it is not a complete substitute for traditional poker. Video poker offers various variations, adding to its excitement and individuality.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Vermont Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes have their own advantages and drawbacks. Let's have a look:


1. Legality: Sweepstakes casinos have gained legal approval in most US states, including regions where online casinos are illegal. This makes them a convenient and accessible option, irrespective of your residence.

2. Rewards: Sweepstakes casinos offer exciting opportunities for all players to win rewards. While the odds of winning are similar to those in traditional online casinos, the potential prizes can be considerably larger.

3. Simple to Use: Starting with a sweepstakes casino is straightforward and hassle-free. You only need a stable internet connection and little funds to buy your initial Gold Coins, making it easy to begin your gaming experience.

4. Fun and Exciting Gaming Experience: Sweepstakes casinos are dedicated to providing an immersive gaming experience. They focus on developing enjoyable and captivating games thoughtfully designed with high-quality graphics and exciting features. This commitment ensures that players have a fun and engaging experience throughout their gameplay.

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1. Difficulty Amassing Sweeps Coins: Obtaining Sweeps Coins can be complex compared to buying Gold Coins. Players can only accumulate these valuable coins through mail-in offers or promotions, making collecting an adequate amount for playing the games you desire challenging.

2. Government Supervision: Unlike traditional online casinos, Sweepstakes casinos operate with relatively less strict regulation. While legal in most states, the absence of comprehensive oversight and accountability can pose certain challenges. These challenges may include difficulties maintaining in-game transparency and protecting personal information.


Vermont has no physical casinos, but its residents can still indulge in online gaming through platforms like DingDingDing, which offer social and sweepstakes casino experiences.

These casinos provide legal and captivating gaming options using virtual currencies like Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. With Sweepstakes casinos, players can enjoy various popular games, including poker, bingo, slots, and video poker, and experience the thrill of online casino games.