Arkansas Social Casino Guide!

Arkansas Gambling Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

While Arkansas may have specific restrictions on real-money internet gambling, sweepstakes casinos provide an interesting alternative. Given that gambling is new in Arkansas, you should read this instructive essay on all you need to know about sweepstakes casinos in Arkansas and how you can enjoy gaming within the limitations of the law before partaking in casino gaming online (or offline). 

Arkansas Online Casino Laws

Regarding casino gaming, the laws governing Arkansas can be found in the Arkansas Code sections 5-66-101 et seq and 23-110 et seq. While these legislations do not explicitly cover online gaming, they prohibit any form of real-money betting unless specifically authorized, such as the 2018 referendum that authorized selected commercial casinos.

Consequently, the sole legal option for enjoying casino games in Arkansas is through social casinos. These platforms enable you to place bets using virtual currency instead of real money. It is important to stress that the legal gambling age for casinos, including social casinos, in Arkansas is 21 years.

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How Arkansas Sweepstakes Work

In Arkansas online casinos, players must sign up and create a profile on the site, where they can claim their welcome promotion. Unlike real money gaming sites that mandate depositing funds, social casinos in Arkansas do not have such requirements. Instead, they typically provide these coins as part of a welcome promo. 

Nevertheless, players who desire additional gold coins can purchase bundles from the website. Subsequently, Arkansas players can utilize these coins to place bets on the available games. It is important to note that these coins, known as gold and sweeps coins, do not hold any monetary value. 

Gold Coins

Arkansas online casinos that offer sweepstakes and social gaming use a virtual currency system comprised of gold coins and sweepstakes coins. Gold coins have no intrinsic worth and are distributed to gamers as part of promotional incentives. 
In addition, by engaging in the different games, players can buy or earn gold coin bundles. These gold coins are then used to make wagers on a variety of casino games. It should be noted that gold coins cannot be withdrawn from gambling sites.

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Sweeps coins

Another virtual currency players utilize when gaming at sweepstakes casinos is Sweeps coins. Similar to gold coins, sweeps coins are used for placing bets on the available games. 

Nonetheless, acquiring sweeps coins is not solely dependent on winning the game being wagered upon. Instead, players can earn sweeps coins by actively playing specific games (regardless of the outcome), participating in tournaments, advancing through VIP program tiers, or taking advantage of promotional offers.

How to Sign Up with a Sweepstake Casino in Arkansas 

Arkansas online casinos offer a straightforward registration process, allowing players to create an account and enjoy their favorite games quickly. Among them, DingDingDing stands out as one of the most user-friendly options. Here's a simple guide to opening an account:

Step 1 - Visit

Access DingDingDing by entering into your desktop or mobile internet browser and then selecting "Register" on the homepage.

Step 2 - Fill out the Registration Form

Complete the registration by providing basic information, including your name, address, and contact details. At DingDingDing, you can link your account to your using social media profiles like Facebook.

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Step 3 - Verify Your Identity

To ensure compliance with the Arkansas "Know Your Customer" (KYC) requirements, DingDingDing requires players to undergo a verification process. This step must be completed before you can start playing. Check your mail for OTP and input it into the space provided. 

Step 4 – Select a Game to Play

Now, everything is in place for you to play your favorite slot games. On DingDingDing, you can only access the bingo games when you've attained a certain level.

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Popular Games Available on Arkansas Social and Sweepstakes Casinos 

Various online casino websites offer one or more niche games, however here are the top three games you can expect:


A predominant portion of Arkansas social casino's game collection is usually dedicated to slots. Most operators provide a wide variety of slot games, with some offering only a single or no-table game. Playing slots is simple – just place your bet and watch the reels spin. Forming a winning combination of game symbols across a payline will lead to a payout.

Table Games

In general, the selection of table games at Arkansas online sweepstakes casinos is relatively limited. The most commonly available table game is blackjack and occasionally poker. However, some platforms go further by offering additional options, such as roulette and Sic Bo.


Bingo stands out as the primary lottery-style game featured at Arkansas's top online sweepstakes casinos. Numerous operators have exciting bingo tournaments with significant virtual currency prizes up for grabs.

Last Words

As one of Arkansas's top social online casinos, DingDingDing sets itself apart with an impressive collection of slot and bingo games, an array of enticing bonuses, and a stellar reputation. It stands out as the ultimate choice for beginners and professionals seeking an exceptional gaming experience. 

DingDingDing outshines its competitors in crucial aspects, such as outstanding customer support, a diverse selection of games, easy access to sweeps coins, and much more. Join today and receive a generous free welcome bonus of 500,000 gold coins and 5 sweeps coins that you can use to play the website and earn more coins!