Lucky Pig Game: Free Lucky Piggy Slot Game. Join Now & Win Big! Lucky Pig Game: Free Lucky Piggy Slot Game. Join Now & Win Big!

Get your slot gaming appetite on with the aptly named "Lucky Pig" slot game, the fourth installment in the collection of slot games at

This slot game promises all the fun and tension that is the hallmark of slot gaming, and it delivers on all fronts. With both Gold Coin and Sweepstakes coins games, your piggy bank can fill up quickly in this fun and playful game.

So roll up your sleeves as we walk you through the "Lucky Pig" slot gaming experience. But before we go into all the juicy detail, let us show you how to get started on the slot gaming journey. 

Lucky Pig Game: What You Should Know

●    The minimum stake amount allowed is still 500 coins, while the maximum allowable stake amount is pegged at 75000 coins. 

●    You can choose the type of game you want to play: before your piggy starts spinning, you can choose to wager gold coins or sweepstakes coins. 

●    Your payout amount for any pay line is determined by your stake amount. You can earn more points by raising your stake amount.  

lucky pig online slots

●    You can only receive winnings from a pay line if the symbols file out from the left side of the reel to the right side. 

●    Several features, like bonus rounds, free spins, and special rewards, among others, can be unlocked in-game.  

●    You can get multiple payouts from a single spin if multiple pay lines appear across the reel. All the payouts will be summed up and added to your point haul. 

●    A collectible bar is shown next to the reel. As you pick up the collectibles (pig symbol), the bar level rises and will qualify you for a reward at some point. 


The Paytable

The paytable in this game describes many of the in-game elements, including the payout amount assigned to each symbol's pay line and the winning combination that triggers the payout.

Other elements described here include any special features like bonus rounds, free spins, and a few others described below. 

The Symbols

Lucky Pig is played over a reel that is designed for eight regular symbols and three unique symbols. Some of the regular symbols include oranges, grapes, berries, watermelons, and gold bars.

You can find the payout amounts associated with each symbol's different win lines in one of the slides displayed on the Paytable. There, you'll find the number of coins you can get when any symbols appear 2x, 3x, or 4x on the reel. 


One of the game's unique symbols is the scatter symbol. And you will earn a free game round whenever the scatter symbol appears thrice at once, anywhere on the reel. games main screen


The wild symbol bears a resemblance to the scatter symbol on the reel, except that the letters of the word "Wild" are colored green.

The wild symbol can replace any symbol on the reel (except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols) to complete a pay line(a winning combination) for any symbol on the reel. 


The collectible symbol is a pig that appears randomly across the spin. Your collectible bar rises along with the number of collectibles that are spotted anywhere across the reel. 

Bonus Round

A bonus round is activated whenever there are at least three bonus symbols across the reel. 

Win Line

A Win line is the sequence or order in which any symbol must be arranged across the reel to earn a payout. There are twenty-five such win lines in the Lucky Pig slot game. And they are displayed in-game by a flashing streak that traces the pattern across the reel. 

Why We Think You'll Like Lucky Pig Slot Game

The lucky pig slot is very popular among our players. Here are some reasons why we think you'll enjoy it too:

●    The game is easy to play

Even if you're getting your first taste of slot gaming, you don't need to spend too much time learning the game. You should be pulling big strings, hitting all the big, mega, and huge wins in no time. 

●    Playing the game is free

You don't have to take a dip into your piggy bank to play this game. Playing is 100% free, as all of's games are! Further, when strike the right combinations, and you can win and earn bragging rights among your friends! 


big win screen

●    You have fun while playing the game

If you're looking to add fun and color to your slot gaming experience, Lucky Pig slot is just the right game for you. The game is set against a backdrop of fruits, gold bars, and "lucky pigs."

Lucky Pig's vibrant graphics, engaging sound effects, and interactive gameplay create an enjoyable gaming experience for all players and contribute to this slot game's highly addictive quality!

●    You can play from the comfort of your home

Lucky Pig can be enjoyed from your home, on any mobile device you choose, including your phone. Now, all you need to do is log on to our website on any device and enjoy the flashing lights and engaging sounds of any authentic casino experience. 

If you want to have fun playing free-to-play casino-style games, the Lucky Pig slots game by is perfect for you. To add to the thrill, you can play sweepstakes coins on all the games on the website, and win big! Create your free-to-play account today, and enjoy the innovative games by the #1 online social casino today.

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