Gold Rush Slot: Get Rich with Gold Rush Slot Game by DingDingDing! Gold Rush Slot: Get Rich with Gold Rush Slot Game by DingDingDing!

Take your shovels, diggers, and lamps along with you as we take you on a gold-hunting journey through the "Gold Rush" slot gaming experience. This gold rush slot game delivers a fitting tribute to the adventure of the "Gold Rush" era and it produces all the excitement that is a common theme of Slot gaming.

Brief Facts About Gold Rush Slot Game 

●  Gold Rush game was developed by the DingDingDing team solely from scratch! It is one of the first slots that is open to all players. You do not need to level up in order to unlock this free slot game! 

●    You can purchase several gold coins packages from the game's shop section. And every purchase comes with non-redeemable bonus sweepstakes that you can use in your spins to win redeemable sweepstakes.

●    The scatter symbol does not need to appear in any particular order or sequence to activate a free game round. It is only required to appear at least three times (anywhere on the reels) to trigger the free games round. 

●    Multiple pay lines can be produced from a single spin. And the sum of the payouts per pay line is accumulated and awarded to you.

●    The bonus symbol only needs to pick up at least three random slots on the reels to activate a bonus round.

Gold Rush Slot

Gold Rush Slot Game: The Paytable

The Paytable in the gold rush slot game offers a look into the game's key elements. And then it describes all the gameplay actions/mechanisms and the rules associated with the game. You'll also find slides dedicated to providing details of the Symbols and outlines of the various payouts and win lines programmed into the game. 

The Symbols

The symbols paraded throughout this game paint the typical "Gold Rush" picture. And so symbols like Lamps, Shovels, diggers, and massive gold chests can be found around the reels. Twelve regular symbols and two special symbols make the symbol catalog. 

Bonus Round

The bonus symbol is a TNT container, so you can expect a stream of gold coins whenever you get in on a bonus round. To activate this bonus round, you must deliver a spin that produces at least three bonus symbols on the reels. These bonus rounds offer you a shot at picking up bonus points that can boost your coin haul. 

Free spins

Whenever the scatter symbol shows up at least thrice on the reels, a free spins round is activated. During these free spins round, you get to use up to 10 free spins. And all the rewards from any winning combination will be immediately added to your score. 

Gold Rush Slots

The Payout Amount

Payouts are the in-game winnings in gold coins or sweepstakes that you claim whenever any of your spins produce a winning combination. These payouts come in several sizes, depending on the amount staked and the symbols that trace the pay line. And they are also calculated according to the number of times a symbol appears along the Payline—3x, 4x, or 5x. 

Win Line

To claim any winnings while playing this gold rush slot, a win line must be traced by any of the symbols on the reels. These win lines feature a special pattern or sequence that must be traced by the same set of symbols from the leftmost reel to the right of the reel

What we found interesting about the game

While playing this game, we stumbled on a few interesting things. And we'll let you in on a few of them below: 

You can buy an incredible amount of gold coins

If you ever run out of good coins after an incredibly cold streak, you'll not have to say goodbye to this game. This is because the in-game store parades a good number of gold coin packages that can be bought for a moderate fee.

Gold Rush Slot Game

You can buy up to a million gold coins, and you can start staking as high as possible for a better chance at claiming massive wins. And while purchasing these gold coin packages, you get a good deal of bonus sweepstakes.

The increased number of symbols

Unlike other games in the collective, the "Gold Rush" slot game parades up to 14 different symbols. This means that there's a wide range of possibilities concerning the available win lines and payouts. Although this could also mean that there's a higher chance of a different symbol finding its way into a possible win line. 

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The Generous Payouts

Whether you're staking with gold coins or sweepstakes, this game allows you to rack up your fair share of winnings from a successful spin. 
Summing up gold rush slots

The gold rush slot game by DingDingDing offers explosive fun and hidden surprises. DingDingDing offers plenty of free online slots and an innovative social casino experience. You can sign-up for free, collect daily rewards, enjoy bingo games, and get in on all the fun whenever you want! 

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