20 Gambling Terms that You Have to Know

20 Gambling Terms that You Have to Know
20 Gambling Terms that You Have to Know
Do you know anyone who doesn’t like free slots? Well, we all know anyone, who doesn’t play them, but I bet my life, there is no such person who doesn’t like free slots. Whether you are a newbie or just love educating yourself, here are some most relevant gambling terms you would ever need:


Action is probably one of the most often used gambler terms when talking about free slots. You might have heard some gamblers saying, “The action is on you,” therefore inviting you to take action. This gambling term is pretty self-explanatory.


When naming the most popular casino gambling terms, you can’t ignore bankrolls. In essence, a bankroll is the sum of money you set aside for gambling. This means the total cash we can imagine setting at stake for amateurs. However, for professional gamblers, bankroll describes the total amount of money they put “to work.”

3D illustration of dice, poker chips and the word prize

Bet/Betting limit

Also known as the wager, a bet represents the amount you stake on blackjack, roulette, or even free slots. Being one of the widely known gambling terms, a bet can also be limited in most games, except for free slots.


I bet; you have heard this one more than the rest of the casino gambling terms. Buy-in is basically the total you spend on converting your cash for the casino token equivalent before the first sit-down.


This one is one of the most popular casino gambling terms, as it is associated with winning. Cage is the casino’s secure area, where you can convert your chips to cash in case you win.

Card Sharp

If you consider yourself a pro at any type of gambling game or free slots, then you are card sharp! You wouldn’t want to find yourself playing next to one at poker because you would risk your own money there. You might enjoy playing alongside a card sharp at blackjack (where the money he wins, he takes from the dealer).

a poker table with a dealer mixing cards

Card Washing

Another king of casino gambling terms is not as simple as it might seem. It describes the dealer’s card shuffling process before the game starts. Yet, this gambler term is outdated since most modern casinos are equipped with automatic shuffling machines.


Chips can be called tokens, in other words. Unlike other casino gambling terms, they describe each gambler’s currency. You might have seen poker or free slots players “ruffling their chips. ”


“Running hot” or “running cold” are the casino gambling terms you really need to memorize. Running hot means the state of winning, whereas “running cold” describes a less desirable outcome of losing.


Comps represent a gambling term related to points you earn when playing free slots or other gambling games. Comps can be converted into a tangible reward at a later stage.

a roulette spinning

High Roller

The high roller is one of the gambler terms that describe experienced players with a large bankroll. These guys play higher stakes and are definitely not afraid to look fear right in the eye.


Croupier is one of the French gambler terms which describes a table dealer. The term is not commonly used in the US.

Double or Nothing

This gambling term is pretty self-explanatory. It describes a situation where you either double the bet if you win or get nothing if you lose. In card games compared to free slots, an example of double or nothing would be red, black, odd, or even bets in roulette.

Face cards

This gambler term has nothing to do with free slots. Among other gambling terms, face cards are jacks, queens, and kings in a deck of cards.

House/House Edge

Oh well, out of all the gambling terms, this one is the one you would always keep in mind. This one describes the casino itself. Some say, “the house always wins,” and they are always right.


This gambler term describes the casino’s commission on certain games like baccarat or sportsbooks. However, the juice is not applicable for free slots.

a man pushing poker chips on a poker table


With this gambling term, you describe somebody filthy rich who is ready to leave a fortune at the casino. Whales are just there for the journey but do not necessarily occupy themselves with the result, as it will not harm them.

Pit boss

Pit bosses are those dapper-looking guys staying behind you, who make sure the game is played fair at all times.


Among all the other gambler terms, this one describes the people who watch others play but avoid playing themselves. Railbirds can’t advise or help other players cheat.


If you are looking for excellent gambler terms describing a tip for the dealer, here you go. Use tokes to tip your dealers as a “thank you”!

These basic casino gambling terms must help you act like a local during your next casino visit!