Reels in casino games are the horizontal columns where symbols are located (in video slots).

Reels originate from real slots games, and they have been digitized over the years. When players pull the lever in slot games, the reels start spinning. The combination of symbols is revealed before the reels come to a stop. In video slots games, to spin the reels, players simply need to press a button. Traditional slots machines (both offline and online) usually have three to five reels. There are progressive video slots games that have unique features, and unique-looking reels. All reels, no matter how small or big, have symbols on them, and they spin, until coming to a stop. There are online video slots with 7 reels. The higher the number of reels, the higher the risk; is slots, the more reels, the more combinations that can appear on them. The combinations are determined by algorithms, and each slot has its algorithms and possible symbol combinations.