High Roller

In gambling, a high roller is a player that wagers large amounts of money consistently.

High rollers are also known as cheetahs or whales. If a player reaches a high roller status, he/she will receive comps from the casinos, such as lavish stays in hotel rooms, exclusive services, presents, etc. The goal of giving comps to high rollers is to provide them with incentives to continue playing. When a player reaches high-roller status, casinos will want them to come back, and wager on large amounts of money. The definition of a high roller is flexible and depends on the casino or the country where the player is gambling. For instance, in one casino in Las Vegas, a high roller will be a person who wagers $75,000 to a table. The amount will be larger or smaller in other casinos. In the casino business world, high rollers are a small fraction of the revenue in the casinos. However, these players have a great impact on the gambling world and the net profits of casinos. Casinos and gambling establishments invest a great deal of money attracting high rollers, and in many cases – the casinos win more than they have lost.