Chips, also known as tokens, cheques, and checks, are small items in the shape of discs that substitute currency in casinos.

Usually, chips will be made of metal, compression-molded clay, or injection-molded plastic materials. Chips have various denominations. Clay chips are mainly used in casino table games. Metal chips are mainly used in slot machines. Chips are also used in tournament games or casual games, and they substitute real money. In poker and other gambling games, money is usually not used; instead, players exchange money for chips (in casino games, the exchange is made in a casino cage, at a cashier station, or at the gambling tables). If a player wins money or is left with coins, he/she can exchange the tokens for money, at the casino. Why are chips used in gambling games? because they are easier totally, they are uniform in size and shape, and their patterns are uniform, as well. Also, tokens make it easier for security and the ‘pit boss’ to verify the amount of money that is being paid to a player who tallies out. That way, there is less of a chance that a dealer will pay a player more than he deserves.