Calling is a gambling term, used in poker to call a bet; calling is matching the amount of money that has been wagered by another player in the game.

For instance, if a player has wagered $200, another player can call the amount, and wager $200 as well. Players can also raise the amount of their wager, compared to that of the other player. In the example that we have given, a player can “raise” the sum of money, and bet $300 instead of $200. If no player in the game calls, that particular hand of the game will be over. The uncalled player will win the hand as a result. If the hand ends up in the last betting round, which is called “the river”, and one player bets and another player calls – there will be a “showdown”, and the best hand will win the round. Calling is one of five actions in the game of poker, and it depends on the amount of money that a player bets. If other players have a bad hand and are afraid to call the bet, they can “fold”, and suffer lesser losses. If players have a good hand, they can call and raise the wager, thus risking what they have earned, but also having the chance to win the pot.