Blinds is a term in poker; it refers to a forced sum of bets that poker players are required to place.

Many people confuse with ante, but these two are not the same. In the game of poker, the term blinds refers to big blinds and small blinds. Blinds are paid by players in each hand, referring to players with a big blind and a small blind seats at the poker table. The aim of the blinds is to drive the game forward; when playing with blinds, players cannot fold when they do not have premium cards. Big blinds and small blinds are the amounts of money that players, who are occupying two positions at the table, have to place into the general pot. The players in these positions must place their bets into the pot before cards are dealt with all players. In most cases, big blinds will be twice as small blinds. When referring to Antes, they are different from blinds; Antes must be placed by all players, while blinds are placed by two players. The person who determines the blinds is the host of the game. In cash poker games, blinds stay the same throughout the game.