Bank Roll

A bank roll is the sum of money that players set aside for betting.

The money allows to play the same game, or other games, and to set aside money for future games. To make sure there is money in the bank roll, players are advised to set aside coins/money, and not to use all the fortune they have accumulated. As a general rule of thumb in the gambling world, both offline and online, players should not risk more than 1%-5% of their bank roll, for each play. A medium bank roll risk at the sum of 3% is usually best. The term usually applies in sports betting, but can also be applied in online betting. On DingDingDing you do not risk actual money. You can accumulate virtual coins and virtual money in every game, and create a virtual bank roll. Saving money “aside” allows you to advance in the games, and save coins in each game. If you are willing to risk it all and play the odds, you can gamble all your coins, and potentially hit the jackpot. You are the sole decision-maker, and you can save coins in the bank roll, or use them all to advance in the games and simply have fun.